About Us

Cube Bed Station is an eclectic and warm hearted hostel located in the heart of Semporna only 0.2 km from the city centre, from airport it’s about 70 minute. Cube bed Station is an industrial style of CUBE BED STATION, doesn’t only capture a warm and comfortable feeling but also provides a hearty welcome and safety that meet all tourists’ expectations. What’s more, responding and fulfilling your needs are the MUST of every CUBE BED STATION’s staff during your stay.

From our super-convenient location, numerous travelling destinations, with charming combination of cultural heritages, old-town sceneries, department stores, restaurants, island hoping, diving and snorkelling waiting to be explored.

Our ground floor, where you can find the reception and rest Area, sea view area is opened for everyone, so you can have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, at the same time feel like a local in our Semporna.

CUBE BED STATION makes itself the BEST PLACE TO REST for everyone, especially for you. Let us be your home away from home!!